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  Topics for Apr 25, 2015:      
  • Dr. Dawn reviews recent advances in genetics. Topics:
  • Testing and sequencing fetal DNA and RNA in mother's blood reveals health of the fetus
  • Identifying which genes are most important in predicting diseases
  • Single nucleotide mutations (SNPs) can control a wide variety of diseases
  • The role of microRNA in regulating protein translation -- the example of diabetic kidney disease
  • MicroRNA is involved in epigenetic changes behind a variety of diseases
  • Interfering with microRNA to turn off genes in cancer cells
  • Extra DNA in phages and plasmids in bacteria transmit antibiotic resistance among different species
  • Gene regulation in our cells involves a gene editing mechanism that exists in all organisms, including bacteria
  • Utilizing gene-editing enzymes to manipulate genes to fix mutations or other ways to attack cancer and other diseases
  • Small regulatory changes in the activity of a gene determines blond vs. brunette hair color
  • Autism may involve the inhibition of DNA unwinding enzymes required to transcribe very long genes linked to Autism
  • DNA vaccines: Injected bacterial DNA can be taken up by immune cells and transcribed into proteins that cause an immune reaction!
  • Advice for a suspected Lyme disease sufferer bit years ago -- look for other tick-borne infections
  • Successful treatment of Meniere's disease in flight attendants suggests it may be an infectious disease
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