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  File: 2014-04-12.mp3
  Topics for Apr 12, 2014:      
  • Replay of interview with Jane Wade about the history, certification processes and benefits of organic food. Topics:
  • History of organic food regulations in the United States
  • The "links in a chain" of regulations from the origin of the seed through farmers and processors
  • The "organic system plan" customizes the regulations and inspections for individual organic farmers
  • Isolation between organic foods and non-organic is monitored at all steps from growing to processing and distribution
  • Organic products cannot be contain GMO or be irradiated
  • All ingredients from all over the world have to meet the same standards to be accepted as US organic
  • California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) covers all of North America and originated by merging standards from many separate organic certifiers
  • The USDA regulates the organic certifying organizations with yearly audits
  • The organizational structure of the national standards board and the politics of big agribusiness
  • The origins of organic farming in the 1970's and the difficult process of setting national standards
  • Reasons for organic farming, from not eating pesticides to soil health, like all farming was a few generations ago
  • Traceability of farming details is important for food safety
  • The US farm bill needs to support small organic farming
  • Environmental advantages to reducing pesticides and the important issue of loosing bees for pollination
  • Organic is healthier because plants resist bugs using chemicals defense such as vitamins and antioxidants that are good for us
  • Explaining why organic food cost more and the advantages of farmers' markets and sourcing locally
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