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  File: 2024-04-21.mp3
  Topics for Apr 21, 2024:      
  • KSQD 4-17-2024: This week's show explores the line between helpful health advice and harmful food-related misinformation, particularly the anti-diet trend being promoted by certain influencers. We delve into a fascinating medical breakthrough involving the creation of "mini livers" to support patients awaiting transplants. Listeners offered valuable insights and recommendations this week: one recommended a thought-provoking book on cancer detection, while another shared a potential remedy for long COVID symptoms. We also address a serious health concern for an elderly listener diagnosed with a Mycobacterium infection, discussing the diagnosis and treatment options. Additionally, we delve into the potential of neuropeptides for addressing treatment-resistant depression and cover several short but impactful health news updates: a concerning rise in bacterial meningitis, the science behind teens' unique scent, and a baffling case of a man claiming to have received over 200 COVID vaccinations. anti-diet misinformation, anger management, mycobacterium infection, early cancer detection, SIM01, ong COVID probiotic prebiotic, neuropeptide depression, oxytocin, bacterial meningitis
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