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Dr. Dawn Motyka
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  File: 2024-05-21.mp3
  Topics for May 21, 2024:      
  • KSQD 05-16-2024: The super power of the resilient Tardigrade is their fabulous DNA repair ability; How do I tolerate another knee surgery after getting intestinal adhesions because of previous surgery?< /br> Can I avoid an operation to fix a displaced cataract lens?< /br> A patient with Parkinson’s disease and knee problems is warned against speculative and expensive alternative treatment; A man with major swallowing problems needs an endoscopy ASAP -- Dr. Dawn bashes corporation control over conventional medicine; A borderline diabetic asks for diet advice; Cancer prevention policies are up against Insurance payment denial policies; The reasons why colorectal cancer is on the rise in 20 to 50 yr-olds -- colonoscopies are now recommended for younger adults;
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